One Ingredient. All Flavor.

“My pug Emmy loves the chicken Delight Bites. She’s a very picky eater and just can’t get enough of these bites. I put them on her normal food and she gobbles it right down. I love that there’s only one ingredient...chicken, that they are made in the USA and that there are no fillers!”

Kari Rae Hammerschmitt



Venison is delicious. 

“Finishing up my last venison jerky treat from @thedelighteddog - seriously, go check them out! Thanks to our friends a Pupfluence for hooking us up with these delicious snackies.”

@Pyrlife - Sampson 


Great Snacks.

“Shout out to @thedelighteddog for making these delicious venison Delight Bites! They are made from single ingredient, grass fed and are high in protein, low in fat and don't contain any additives. They are easy to rip up into smaller pieces and they make great adventure snacks in my opinion.”




Natural treats.

"We recently received these lovely treats. It really doesn't get better than single ingredient treats! These grass fed beef treats are really enticing to Luna, she immediately loved them! They are a jerky with zero preservative or additives. I hope more people can realize how good it is to stick to natural treats instead of a treat where you can't read half the ingredients!"

@Lunaticsupermutt - LunA



Great training reward.

“I'll take a bite of beef Delight Bites! It's 100% grass fed and all natural. Those are great to be used as a training reward when broken down into pieces or as a snack. I'll be eating more of 'em."

@emmadapitbull - Emma


Made in the USA.

“C'mon Mom. Let me have the Delight Bites treat. you know they are all natural. Made from a single ingredient, grass fed chicken with no hormones, antibiotics or other additives. And they are made in the USA. They are delicious and I'm ready for that treat. "Give your dog more".”

@farley_the_leonberger - Farley 


Benji's EYES were bugging for these.

“These treats are so worth their price tag. My dog LOVES these so much I bought him a second bag. They are really high value treats so I only give him small bite-sized pieces when he's being really good or sometimes just cuz. We're still working through the first bag. I might buy a couple more just to stock up. I've truly never seen him this excited for a treat. And he's a treat dog, not a toy dog.”

Tasmai U. November 27th 2018 (Bark Shop Customer)



Click on the links below to view live videos of a few of our happy customers!

Canela The Ladradoodle (@canelabradoodle) tear into Delight Bites™

Sawyer The Adventuredoodle (@aloha.adventures.of.sawyer) chomp away on our delicious Delight Bites™ all the way in Hawaii

Betty The Bernedoodle practice training commands and being rewarded with Delight Bites™