Delight Bites Dog treats
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Jerky Done Right


We are proud to offer 100% natural Choice Black Angus Beef, Chicken and Cervena Venison jerky dog treats.

Delight Bites™ by Delight Bites, LLC, is where your canine friend "Meats" both quality and robust taste!



Our Product

An Excellent Source of Protein

Single Ingredient

No Preservatives or GMO's

No Added Hormones or Antibiotics

Crafted from Premium Beef

Grass Fed Chicken and Venison

Cervena® Venison, New Zealand

Handmade in the USA / NYC


Our Mission

Delight Bites™ belief is to provide healthy, all natural, single ingredient, tasteful treats that inevitably bond owner and pet.

We believe that one of the most effective approaches to training is operative conditioning: requesting specific behaviors from your dog and immediately rewarding them with the highest value, freshest, best tasting treat possible.

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Our boys loved the chicken Delight Bites treats. They are easy to break into smaller pieces if you want to. I like that they are all natural single ingredient treats. They have no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or other additives. So you know exactly what your dog it getting. Give your dog more.
— Farley Leonberger
Delight Bites are such high quality treats that humans can eat them as well! No GMOs, no additives - just meat that is dehydrated! Our dog only listens when Delight Bites are in hand. They have helped us train her in an incredible way. Shes just a young German Shepherd and is now trained off leash thanks to Delight Bites!
— Venus, The German Shepherd
My dog Bruno loves the chicken bites. I added them to his meal and he ate it all in one bite! He really enjoys them and we would be purchasing some more in the future since they can be used for training.
— Marycarmen Carrion
My dog is CRAZY obsessed with these - he will do pretty much anything to get a taste. He’s sensitive to other proteins like poultry so this single ingredient venison is the perfect addition to his diet. While they’re expensive, you do get a decent amount of venison considering how much meat it probably takes to create a bag full of these large strips.
— Ashlee M. January 24th 2019